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19. nov, 2020

Miss Carol Davis

I was turned on to your new music from a mutual friend. What happened next I was not prepared for.

As I handle a ton of bands on different levels I am able to quickly see what works in the music industry today.

What I saw from your band was really very good.

Not all of the songs were for me but when you decide to come out and really rock your band has no problem there. Your video is great.

Overall I am pleasantly surprised to find so much talent and such really well written songs from a band with a lot of potential.

Good luck in your future endeavors,

stay well and keep safe.

From the U.S.

Respectfully, Miss Carol Davis

14. nov, 2020


Du er så kul Stian. Synes det er fantastisk at du klarer å balansere ditt daglige jobb med å lage så fantastisk musikk. KUUUDOS β™₯️πŸ₯³

14. nov, 2020

Pål Påsan


10. mai, 2020

Inger-Lise Sand

Så fine låterπŸ˜„du er dyktig