A solo-project with an all-star team of guests

After four years of planning, writing and composing, the debut album ONE is near its long awaited release. 

STiAN PiAN is working from his base in Norway, with collaburators from just about every corner of the world. The unique constellation of musicians on each song, combined with equaly unique soundsettings, helps creating a feeling of a "best of" more than a regular debut album. 

AOR combined with radiofriendly ballads, and classic hard rock with obvious influences from the revival from 1990-2000. 

 -Check out the list of the musicians involved by clicking the links on top of this page.

I Need Your Love (demo)

The demo for "I Need Your Love", with footage from an old General motors commercial from 1956. (Listed as non copyrighted)

On this take Stian does all the voices, Rick Altzi will help out on the final version.
Written by Gunnar Westlie and Stian Pian.
Drums - Vinny Appice
Bass - Uwe Kohler
Guitar . Gunnar Westlie
Keys - Dan Helgesen

We are currently working on a documentary about the Stian Pian project. Due to Covid 19, the recording and final mix of the first songs has been delayed a bit, but we’re just about there!
While we’re waiting, working on this documentary is quite fun. A local tv-producer is behind it, but it will be made available for everyone interested. Interviews with several guest stars, Stians history, and loads of music!

-Stay tuned for updates...

A taste of the demotapes so far...

This is where we`re at, July, 2021.

Vampires Empire (demo)

Lock up your daughters, your sisters, and your moms...

"Heaven knows", the first demo from the project